Buying Your First Home In Vancouver Or The Tri-Cities?

Let Sigrid Introduce You To The Best Port Moody Real Estate For Sale:

Buying your first home is an exciting rite of passage. As a real estate agent who enjoys the relationships that develop with my clients, the moment I hand over the keys to a happy new homeowner is always memorable.

If you are new to MLS (the multiple listing service in Vancouver), are overwhelmed by the choice of gorgeous houses for sale, or need a helping hand with mortgage financing, home inspections and the ins and outs of making an offer on your first home, please call me. I always available to answer any of your questions.

When you are ready to start viewing the current Vancouver MLS listings for a home that suits your needs and budget, call Sigrid today at 604 862-7510!

We are so thankful for all the time and effort you put into helping us find a home. Our first home! You did an excellent job at guiding us through the purchase process and advising us. It's obvious how dedicated you are to helping your clients. We are so grateful, Sigrid and we'll fondly look back on the days when we used to rip around town in your car! That was fun! - Steve & Pun

Let's Work As A Team To Find Your First Home!:

When buyers work with a real estate agent for the first time, they may feel intimidated by the sheer amount of information to take in about the process of buying a home. I believe the process of buying a home works best as a team of equals. I make sure my clients have all the information they need to understand the buying process and that they always have as much information as possible about a property they are interested in.

Because I never want my clients to miss an opportunity to view a great new listing, I developed an auto search system that tracks new properties well before they are accessible to the public -- a full 48 hours before they become available on the Vancouver MLS listings!

And to make sure we are always in regular communication, I set up each of my clients with a personal website. Your website will contain the important details of our communication on desirable properties including:

Sigrid's Top Five First Time Home Buyer Tips:

First time home buyers should do a bit of research before viewing properties to find out how much they can afford.

Here are a few important financial tools to take advantage of before you start bookmarking your favourite Vancouver MLS listings.

1. Find out your credit score online at or through a mortgage professional. I am happy to recommend a reputable mortgage broker who can answer your questions.

2. Calculate your down payment. Do you have savings, or plan to transfer a portion of your RRSPs? For homes priced less than $1 million, the minimum down payment is only 5%.

3. Meet with a mortgage financing institution to obtain a pre-approval, so you know how much you can borrow towards your home purchase.

4. Consider a realistic and comfortable monthly mortgage payment. My free mortgage calculator tool can help you determine how much you can afford, taking your down payment, income, and debts into account.

5. Budget for closing costs associated with buying a home. Legal fees, property tax and utility adjustment will add an estimated 3% to the purchase price of your new home.

For more info, please see my page on purchaser's costs.

Ready to arrange a viewing of the amazing homes and condos for sale in Vancouver? Give Sigrid a call today at 604 862-7510!