Sell Your Home Efficiently With My Simple Home Staging Tips

Ten Home Staging Techniques To Sell Your Home For The Best Price:

Home staging is the art of presenting a home in its best light to attract buyers. By following these simple techniques that help feature your home's best assets, we will sell your home more quickly on the Vancouver MLS listings -- and most often at a higher price!

1. Make The Right First Impression:

Prospective buyers make up their minds about your home before they get out of the car. Clean up your yard, get rid of unsightly weeds, and sweep your driveway and porches. Scour your front door, porch, railings and steps. And don't forget to tuck your recycling bins out of sight! Fresh flowers / Pointers to Wonders.

2. Unclutter Your Space:

What they say is true: Clutter eats equity. Purge your closets, empty cupboards and box up small appliances. Pay close attention to counter tops and coffee tables. Throw out items you don't want to take to your next home, and put the rest in storage. As a bonus, packing your things up now will save you valuable time leading up to your moving date. Include Sigrid in this process, she will keep you on task and and feeling optimistic.

3. Encourage The Buyer’s Imagination:

You want buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. Keep pictures and personal items out to a minimum.

Sigrid Wilcox is a caring professional realtor who puts her clients' best interests first. She’s always on task and focused on the goal and, in my case, to sell my house. She’s a great listener and stays in tune with my needs. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to friends and family and I know I will be calling her for my next adventure when it's time to sell my home again. Thanks for your patience and understanding, Sigrid! - Christine Stouten

4. Keep It Fresh:

Keep your windows open for 10 minutes each day to eliminate smoke, dampness or pet odours -- and to avoid triggering allergies with artificial fresheners. On the day of your open house, you could bake a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies. The comforting, delicious aroma will welcome visitors to your home!

5. Declare War On grime:

Cleanliness suggests to potential buyers that you've probably taken good care of your residence in other ways as well. Clean every surface including walls, door handles, light fixtures and cupboards. And don't forget to dust your furnace room and furnace! Refresh your home's exterior by power washing windows, walkways, eaves troughs and pathways.

6. Hire a Handyman:

If you don't have the time or expertise to deal with maintaining your home, consider hiring a professional to take care of things. Taking care of leaky faucets, cracked tiles and mouldy caulking around the bathtub can add thousands of dollars to the price of your home!

7. Freshen Up With Color:

Your single best investment before you list your home? A fresh coat of paint in key areas of your home. Paint your front door and place some large vases with brightly colored flowers on your front step or just inside the entryway. Small touches make a home seem well cared for.

8. Reduce Furniture Clutter:

Create a sense of space by removing unneeded furniture, especially in smaller spaces. Move outdated furniture to storage and rent or borrow some modern, stylish furniture while your home is on the market. Sigrid will help with this.

9. Lighten Up:

The brighter and sunnier a space, the easier it is to sell. Make sure to clean all of your windows -- inside and out -- or hire a professional window-cleaning company. Don't forget to clean the shades on your light fixtures, replace light bulbs and add floor lamps in dim areas. When it comes time to show your home, make sure all the lights are on -- especially in hallways. Sounds like a lot, but well worth it!

10. Add a Touch Of Humanity:

Set some planters on your front porch, a vase of flowers or a single rose in a vase on your dining room table. Add a couple of well-chosen pieces of art to the walls. Lighten and warm up a room with candles, and use essential oils with reed diffusers to freshen up the air within your home. 

I hope these home staging tips inspire you to prepare for your upcoming open house! If you’re planning to place your home on the multiple listing service in Vancouver, Let me help you get your home ready to sell! Call me today at 604 862-7510!