How To Set A Price When Listing Metro Vancouver Properties For Sale

Pricing Homes In The Vancouver And TRICITIES, PITT MEADOWS AND MAPLE RIDGE Real Estate Market:

Setting a list price for your home is a decision by home owners that must take into account the current market condition of the home and property, in addition to your personal financial situation. Sigrid Wilcox's role as your real estate agent is to advise you on how to list the price of your home to meet your goals, whether it is to sell high, sell quickly -- or both! All the while keeping your best interest at heart

It can be challenging for sellers to list their homes while keeping the market in mind -- especially in a buyer's market. However, it's important to think like a buyer when pricing Vancouver properties for sale. Pricing your home is a balancing act of finding the perfect price point that entices buyers and results in a great price for your home. This is a win-win situation

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Compare Your Home Against Other Real Estate Listings In Vancouver:

No matter how attractive and polished, buyers will compare your home and its listed price against everything else on the market. Ask Sigrid for a Comparative Market Analysis to get an idea of how other homes like yours are selling in your area. The analysis will also include data on nearby houses that didn't sell over the past few months, along with their list prices. Remember that a CMA is not a formal appraisal. Appraisals can be useful if your property is unique, if there haven't been recent sales in your area, if co-owners disagree about price, or if you find it difficult to put a value on your home. In most cases, a CMA and my own market experience provide you with accurate information to help price your home properly the first time.

Financial Considerations For Pricing Vancouver And Port Moody Real Estate:

Sellers may have personal reasons for selling a home, with specific financial hopes and expectations. A major consideration when pricing real estate in Coquitlam, BC and surrounding areas is the seller's net proceeds.

Sigrid Wilcox can help estimate how much money you will take away from the sale of your home by subtracting from your home's sale price a number of costs. Basic seller's costs include the balance of your current mortgage and a pre-payment penalty, broker's commission, attorney's fees and any unpaid property taxes.

You may also need to pay seller's costs -- for example, transfer taxes, survey fees, inspections and repairs, and title insurance premiums. Common closing costs include  legal fees for execution of documents by a lawyer or notary, any costs for clearing title, pro-rated property taxes and real estate commissions.

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Selling Tips For Vancouver Properties For Sale:

1. Save money on a market value appraisal by asking for floor plans and a site map -- not the full narrative report.

2. Never use the phrase "asking price", which implies you don't expect to get what you are asking for.

3. Hasten a sale with incentives! A motivated seller could offer to pay for the buyer's closing costs -- or add a bonus offer to the selling broker. Ask Sigrid about this Strategy!